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The final results of the SABRE project have been published

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4th SABRE Conference
Barcelona, 24-27 August 2009



The 4th SABRE Conference was integrated with the 60th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) in Barcelona from 24-27 August 2009. There were over 1500 delegates at the EAAP 2009 meeting, guaranteeing a broad dissemination of results. From the EAAP’s point of view, the inclusion of the SABRE Conference into EAAP programme added some ‘spice’ to the Genetics sessions. There was one dedicated EADGENE-SABRE session, titled “Molecular tools for disease resistance”, during which the SABRE Work Packages on Gut Health (WP4) and Udder Health (WP5) were addressed. Presentations from other Work Packages were distributed over the 10 other Genetics Sessions. 

The abstracts for the SABRE presentations can now be freely acessed at:

SABRE Presentations during EAAP:

Session 14: Genetics of meat animals free communications (Monday 24th August, p.m.)

Session 14 Theatre 5
In vitro variability of the pig innate immune response
Botti, S., Rapetti, V., D’andrea, M., Davoli, R., Mari, F., Lunney, J.K. and Giuffra, E.

Session 14 Theatre 9
Genome-wide association analyses for loci controlling boar taint
Karacaören, B., De Koning, D.J., Velander, I., Haley, C.S. and Archibald, A.L.

Session 14 Theatre 10
Nutritional effects on epigenetic modifications and their inheritance in pigs
Braunschweig, M.H. and Stahlberger-Saitbekova, N.

Session 14 Theatre 13
High-density genome association study for androstenone in a terminal sire line
Harlizius, B., Duijvesteijn, N. and Knol, E.F.

Session 14 Poster 73
Mapping of loci affecting shell quality in egg layers
Tuiskula-Haavisto, M., Honkatukia, M., Wei, W., Dunn, I., Preisinger, R. and Vilkki, J.

Session 14 Poster 77
The potential of egg shell crystal size and cuticle coverage for genetic selection in laying hens
Bain, M.M., Rodriguez-Navarro, A., Mcdade, K., Schmutz, M., Preisinger, R., Waddington, D. and
Dunn, I.C.

Session 15: Dairy genetics free communications (Monday 24th August, p.m.)

Session 15 Theatre 5
Genomic instability following Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer in cattle
De Montera, B., Oudin, J.-F., Jouneau, L., Noé, G., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Vignon, X., Eggen, A., Amigues, Y., Duranthon, V., Pailhoux, E., Boulanger, L., Jammes, H. and Renard, J.-P.

Session 15 Theatre 6
Gene expression patterns in anterior pituitary associated with quantitative measure of oestrous
behaviour in dairy cows
Kommadath, A., Mulder, H.A., De Wit, A.A.C., Woelders, H., Smits, M.A., Beerda, B., Veerkamp,
R.F., Frijters, A.C.J. and Te Pas, M.F.W.

Session 15 Theatre 7
Transcriptional profiling of bovine endometrial and embryo biopsies in relation to pregnancy success
after embryo transfer
Salilew-Wondim, D., Hoelker, M., Peippo, J., Grosse-Brinkhaus, C., Ghanem, N., Rings, F., Phatsara, C., Schellander, K. and Tesfaye, D.

Session 15 Poster 18
A systems biology approach of oestrous behaviour in dairy cows
Boer, H.M.T., Veerkamp, R.F. and Woelders, H.

Session 15 Poster 27
pig transcriptome and proteome study
Gerard, N., Tosser-Klopp, G., Benne, F., Bonnet, A., Delpuech, T., Douet, C., Drouilhet, L., Fabre, S., Izart, A., Monget, P., Monniaux, D., Mulsant, P., Robert-Granie, C., San Cristobal, M., Vignoles, F. and Bodin, L.

Session 15 Poster 28
Analysis of quantitative trait loci affecting female fertility and twinning rate in Israeli Holsteins
Glick, G., Golik, M., Shirak, A., Ezra, E., Zeron, Y., Seroussi, E., Ron, M. and Weller, J.I.

Session 15 Poster 53
Endometrial receptivity in lactating dairy cows
Peippo, J., Räty, M., Ahola, V., Grosse-Brinkhaus, C., Salilew-Wondim, D., Sorensen, P., Taponen,
J., Aro, J., Myllymäki, H., Tesfaye, D. and Vilkki, J.

22: Promising applications of Nutrigenomics in animal science (Tuesday 25th August p.m.)

Session 22 Theatre 8
Alteration of foetal hepatic gene expression due to gestation diet and breed
Wimmers, K., Nuchchanart, W., Murani, E. and Ponsuksili, S.

Session 26: Physiology and genetics of stress and behaviour (Wednesday 26th August, a.m.)

Session 26 Theatre 1
Molecular genetics of neuroendocrine stress responses and robustness in pigs
Mormede, P. and Foury, A.

Session 26 Theatre 6
Pigs’ aggressive temperament affects pre-slaughter mixing aggression, stress and meat quality
Turner, S.P., D’eath, R.B., Kurt, E., Ison, S.H., Lawrence, A.B., Evans, G., Thölking, L., Looft, H.,Wimmers, K., Murani, E., Klont, R., Foury, A. and Mormede, P.

Session 26 Theatre 7
Identification of genes involved in the genetic control of aggressiveness, stress responsiveness, pork
quality and their interactions
Murani, E., D´ Eath, R.B., Turner, S.P., Evans, G., Foury, A., Kurt, E., Thölking, L., Klont, R.,
Ponsuksili, S., Mormede, P. and Wimmers, K.

Session 26 Poster 11
Cellular and genetic background of the adrenal sensitivity to adrenocorticotropic hormone in Large White and Meishan pigs
Rucinski, M., Tyczewska, M., Ziolkowska, A., Mormede, P. and Malendowicz, L.K.

Session 28: Genomic selection  (Wednesday 26th August, a.m.)

Session 28 Poster 15
Accurate prediction of genomic breeding values in Norwegian Red Cattle using dense SNP genotyping
Luan, T., Woolliams, J.A., Lien, S., Kent, M., Svendsen, M. and Meuwissen, T.H.E.

Session 33: Animal Genetics (methodology) (Wednesday 26th August, p.m.)

Session 33 Theatre 6
Prediction of haplotypes with missing genotypes and its effect on marker-assisted breeding value
Mulder, H.A., Calus, M.P.L. and Veerkamp, R.F.

Session 33 Theatre 8
The repercussions of statistical properties of interval mapping methods on eQTL detection
Wang, X., Elsen, J.M., Gilbert, H., Moreno, C., Filangi, O. and Le Roy, P.Session 45: Molecular tools for disease resistance (Thursday 27th August, a.m.)

Session 37: Animal Physiology (WEdnesday 26th August p.m.)

Session 37 Theatre 1
Viability of bovine embryos derived from serum-free oocyte maturation
Korhonen, K., Pasternack, A., Ketoja, E., Räty, M., Laitinen, M., Ritvos, O., Vilkki, J. and Peippo,J.

Session 45 Theatre 3
The chicken SNP Selector Database for genome-wide QTL Analysis
Fife, M., Watson, M., Howell, J. and Kaiser, P.

Session 45 Theatre 4
The application of modern and traditional research approaches to investigate salmonella susceptibility
in chickens
Te Pas, M., Rebel, J. and Smits, M.

Session 45 Theatre 6
Mapping of genes involved in susceptibility to E. coli and helminth infection in pigs
Jacobsen, M.J., Nejsum, P., Joller, D., Bertschinger, H.U., Python, P., Edfors, I., Cirera, S., Archibald, A.L., Churcher, C., Esteso, G., Burgi, E., Karlskov-Mortensen, P., Anderson, L., Voegeli, P., Roepstorff, A., Goering, H.H.H., Anderson, T.J.C., Thamsborg, S.M., Fredholm, M. and Jorgensen, C.B.

Session 45 Theatre 7
Global transcriptional response of porcine intestinal epithelial cell lines to Salmonella enterica serovar
Typhimurium and Choleraesuis
Arce, C., Jiménez-Marín, A., Collado-Romero, M., Lucena, C. and Garrido, J.J.

Session 45 Theatre 9
Combining QTL and gene expression studies to identify important genes and genetic pathways
underlying resistance to mastitis in Danish Holstein cattle
Sørensen, P., Røntved, C.M., Jiang, L., Sahana, G., Vilkki, J., Thompsen, B. and Lund, M.S.

Session 45 Theatre 12
Gene prioritization using text mining and protein-protein interaction in livestock species
Jiang, L., Sørensen, P., Workman, C. and Skarman, A.

Session 45 Poster 13
Analysis of the intestinal mucosal immune response to an experimental infection with Salmonella
typhimurium in pigs
Collado-Romero, M., Arce, C., Carvajal, A. and Garrido, J.J.

Session 45 Poster 15
Campylobacter induces diverse kinetics and profiles of cytokines genes in human and swine intestinal
epithelial cell lines
Jimenez-Marin, A. and Garrido Pavon, J.J.

Session 53: Genetics Free Communications (methodology) (Thursday 27th August, p.m.)

Session 53 Theatre 13
QTLMAP, a software for the detection of QTL in full and half sib families
Elsen, J.M., Filangi, O., Gilbert, H., Legarra, A., Le Roy, P. and Moreno-Romieux, C.

Session 53 Poster 29
Selective genotyping in commercial populations
Duijvesteijn, N. and De Koning, D.J.

Session 53 Poster 31
Including copy number variation in association studies
Calus, M.P.L., De Koning, D.J. and Haley, C.S.

Session 53 Poster 32
Breeding value estimation combining QTL and polygenic information
Mulder, H.A., Calus, M.P.L. and Veerkamp, R.F.


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