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The final results of the SABRE project have been published

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Partner 22 - University of Munich (UM)

The Institute of Molecular Animal Breeding and Biotechnology is embedded in a multidisciplinary Life Science research environment at the Gene Center and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. The group has expertise and long standing experience in mammalian transgenic technology, mouse genetics and ENU mutagenesis, biology and biotechnology of reproduction, and molecular mechanisms of mammalian growth regulation. The Laboratory for Functional Genome Analysis ( provides state of the art equipment and technologies for holistic transcriptome and proteome approaches in mammalian reproduction and growth. Bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning and other in-vitro embryo technologies have been successfully employed to investigate basic mechanisms of nuclear reprogramming, to define the roles of epigenetic mechanisms during this process, and to experimentally evaluate epigenetic effects on the phenotype of resulting embryos, fetuses and offspring.
Recent publications in this field have (i) correlated global epigenetic modifications in specific bovine fetal tissues with phenotypic variability and (ii) revealed new insights into the imprinting status and phenotypic effects of specific imprinted genes. UM contributes to SABRE and analyzes groups of cloned cattle fetuses and adult clones, including monozygotic twin controls, as a unique tool to explore epigenetic effects on bovine phenotype.
Involved in:

Key staff in SABRE:
Eckhard Wolf – UM-SABRE Coordinator
Stefan Hiendleder

Contact Details:

Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich
Gene Center
Institute of Molecular Animal Breeding and Biotechnology
Feodor-Lynen-Str. 25

Tel: 49 89 2180 76800
Fax: 49 89 2180 76849


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SABRE [Cutting-Edge Genomics for Sustainable Animal Breeding] is an Integrated Project supported by funding under the 6th Research Framework Programme of the European Union European Commission, Directorate E03 – Security of food production systems. Scientific Officers: 1 April 2006-15 February 2007: John Claxton. From 16 February 2007: Jean-Charles Cavitte.

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